No more bedbug bites

Dear Laurel,

Thank you for all your help. Bed Bugs are not a pleasant problem. I had these pests from Sept. 26.2010, "first series of bites",until Nov.12. 2010. In the beginning I mistakened bites for hives, until a doctor told me the series of three were not a good sign. It meant B.B. And then your company came in and since Nov.12 2010 I have not been bitten. But I also wanted to Thank You, because I did panic and called you several times. People should know you listened to me and that was great.B.B's work on you mentally and physically. The stages of panic are terrible, so a kind voice is a cure.

My grandson had tried twice to look after the problem. He did a great job. But much to my surprise I was bitten a few days later. My daughter looked you up on the computer after I found your name in the telephone book. The word "Eco" stood out. And I have no regrets I called. Thank you so much for your good work and patience.

Helen F.

Montreal, Quebec


No more bugs, no more pesticides !

A decade ago I became chronically ill due to severe pesticide exposure, resulting in anaphylactic reactions and related health problems.  I have to avoid all pesticides and many chemicals. Bug Doctor was highly recommended to me and over the past years has eliminated problems with ants, wasps, carpenter ants spiders and this year, mice!  All with expert, efficient, non-toxic solutions. My life is much easier knowing I can rely on Bug Doctor for any pest problem without impairing my health.

Shirley Graves, Beaconsfield


Carpenter Ants eliminated

I had a problem with my bricks deteriorating and then a contractor told me I would have to replace all the windows because of the ants. Luckily Paul came in and told me this was not the case. He got rid of the carpenter ants and repaired some of the window framing and covered up some roof leaks that were causing the problem.

Saint-Laurent, Quebec


How to get rid of carpenter ants

Thank you for your great work addressing the carpenter ant problem in my home! Much appreciated.
Pointe-Claire, Quebec


Getting rid of water leaks !

The EcoBUGdoctor is a company that we called on to examine potential bug infestation and water entry issues in our home. While our suspected bug presence was quickly dismissed (they correctly identified the real reasons for the 'signs' that we had misread), a short external investigation by them turned out a number of water-related problems that we had already seen signs of inside and around the house.

Far from trying to sell you a particular product, they are firstly true consultants in determining the source of the problem, and then presenting one or more alternatives to rectifying it. Through documentation and 


photos of problem areas, they gave us a good sense of the issues at hand.

Secondly, as in our case, they were able to carry out much of the work in eliminating water entry issues, while recommending a specialist to us for a particular chimney issue. They demonstrated a wealth of knowledge throughout the process in answering all of our questions.

We were truly impressed with the commitment and knowledge this father-daughter-son team of home specialists had, whether discussing structural issues, repairs and prevention, or insects. It was evident they have all been raised in an environment of learning and practice, and are experienced well beyond their years.

Nearly a year now after the improvements they performed, we are happy to know that, unlike other "experts" I have brought in previously, their changes have truly been effective!

Ken Steinbrenner and Pina Gareffa
Lachine, Québec


City of Westmount



Village of Senneville



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